Goodbye Instagram

Today I decided to take a break and delete Instagram as well as Facebook from my phone. I am so sick of always thinking about an app. Constantly thinking about what I’m going to post next, and how my latest post is performing.

This decision was brought on by the lack of engagement with all of my posts. Long story short, after doing some research and finding that I had been “shadow banned” I was super irritated and just decided this is bullshit. Time to take a break.

I have no idea why I am shadow banned either. The only thing I can think of is a long time ago I switched to a business account. I suppose it’s in their best interest to limit my engagement so as so push me towards paying them to advertise. I switched back to a personal account and the following day made a post. Of course still lame engagement. Checking the hashtags that I wrote with the post I find that my images aren’t showing up under those hashtags. Now how awesome is that?

This is so frustrating using this app that every once in a while they change the algorithm so yet again you have figure out how to get the best out of this fucking app. Oh and nobody ever knows exactly what the algorithm is programmed to do so good luck you bunch of shmucks.

Hopefully taking a break will reset my account so that people will actually see my posts in the hashtags that I tag them with.

Remember life before Instagram was a thing?