I wanted to share a couple behind the scenes shots from a water shoot I did a while back.  I saw this once done by an AMAZING photographer Erik Almas a number of years back and really wanted to try it out.  My goal was just getting something very romantic and sensual.  

Not overly sure on the specifics of how Erik did it, but this is the way that made sense to me.  I had to do something different though. I can't just 100% copy what he did.  So to put my own touch on it I used a would plank to simulate a dock on a lake for some shots.   

2x12x12 screwed together on edge.  Shot on my iPhone 

2x12x12 screwed together on edge.

Shot on my iPhone 

Shot on my iPhone 

Shot on my iPhone 

I bought a big pile of the thinest white fabric I could find from Fabricland.  I then took the fabric to a tailor to have them sewn together for the dimensions I needed.  This diffusion fabric is what is going to give me a super soft light which will be perfect for trying to get that romantic feel to it.

I have been part of shoot before that had this same set up, so I reached out to a friend that was the 1st Assistant from that shoot and asked where he got the diffusion fabric from.  Of course I asked him this AFTER I had already taken the fabric I purchased to the tailors.  He sent me a link to buy exactly what I needed from B&H for basically the same price I had already invested into my fabric.   Would have been awesome to just order it and not have to do the running around but oh well...

Putting in the effort to do this type of shoot is just so overwhelmingly satisfying.  You learn so much along the way.  You run in to problems that you have to solve before the model gets there and oh by the way, she's going to be there in 10 minutes! AHHHHH!

Twinaaa FIne art sitting up web.jpg